Open air terrace

Eating on the water is possible.
Our large wooden terrace has been built respecting the Venetian tradition: long poles stuck in the mud.
Oriented to the North, it allows you to move your gaze from the mountains to the sea, passing by the islands of Murano, San Michele, Vignole and Burano.
It is therefore even more pleasant to enjoy a glass of good wine, a crispy slice of pizza or a fresh fish starter kissed by the sun and by the gentle breeze that often blows even on the hottest days.

ristorante da alvise terrazza tramonto
Pizzeria Venice
ristorante da alvise terrazza primavera
ristorante da alvise esterno



Carefully designed in every detail, the interiors keep the taste of the past times: precious wood furniture, brick walls, ancient views of Venice. All reminds the tradition and the ties with the sea crafts.
The warm and cosy atmosphere makes each guest feel a friend rather than a customer.
The large windows allow the light to flood the room in a natural way, while the eyes can observe the city flowing outside between one dish and the next one.

ristorante da alvise Venezia sala interna